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    Heads Lifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    Heads Lifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    HeadsLifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    Gift giving is a celebration of the warmth we feel for the people most dear to us. With Heads Lifestyle's Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide, you'll find 23 joyous ideas for everyone on your list: the environmentalist, the bookworm, the foodie, the audiophile, the philanthropist, the cannaphile, and those whimsical souls who appreciate the refined, the fanciful, the exotic and the imaginative. Read on for festive inspiration! 

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    Product Review - Night & Day Bundle by Kind Lab

    Product Review - Night & Day Bundle by Kind Lab

    Kind Lab brings feminine wisdom to the cannabis space. Made by women for women, Kind Lab has formulated their plant-based solutions to meet the specific needs of the female experience. Their organic CBD-rich hemp products balance mind and body allowing women at all stages of their lives to thrive. Their Night & Day Bundle combines two of their most popular products and targets the night-time and daytime challenges faced by women. Rest Chews gently calm the mind and relax the body so that sleep comes easily and nights are restful. Blueberry-lavender flavoured Rest Chews are vegan and packed with 20mg CBD, 2mg CBN and magnesium glycinate. After a good night’s sleep, embrace the day with focus and clarity thanks to Lift Capsules. These vegan capsules are formulated with 10mg CBD, 10mg CBG, saffron, rhodiola and Siberian ginseng, lifting mood and energizing body. Connecting to the healing properties of plants is both ancient and powerful—knowledge that women have shared for millennia.


    USD $94.00

    Product Review: Barbari Herbal Smoking Blends

    Product Review: Barbari Herbal Smoking Blends

    Barbari’s herbal smoking blends are an enchanting alchemy of ancient plant wisdom and modern cannabis consumption. Offering three carefully crafted herbal blends, Barbari has truly blossomed into their niche market. Whether you are a health-minded toker or simply new to herbal traditions, Barbari will gently guide you to an inspired smoking experience. 


    Barbari’s three herbal smoking blends:

    Airplane Mode combines rose petals, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender and sage, and is a relaxing blend that melts away anxiety and calms the senses. Enjoy the floral aromatics as you ease into a serene state-of-mind.

    Muse combines peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf and sage, and is an uplifting blend that stimulates mental clarity and new perspectives. Savour the minty freshness as it elevates your spirit. 

    Car Sex combines mullein, white sage, lion’s tail and raspberry leaf, and is a euphoric blend that promotes risqué reveries and rowdier nights. Surrender to adventure as it heightens your mood. 


    Heads Lifestyle: Barbari Product Review 

    All of Barbari’s blends are made with organic, food grade herbs and their white sage is sustainably farmed thereby respecting Native communities’ wild plants. As a social equity minded company, Barbari is committed to supporting humanity through the efforts of groups and organizations that work towards community healing and rebuilding, and pledge 5% of all purchases to these shared values.


    Barbari’s herbal smoking blends can also be sipped as a soothing tea or added to your bathtime ritual. Barbari’s thoughtful product line is perfect for self-care or gifting to someone special.


    USD $23.00 



    Product Review: Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

    Product Review: Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

    Shine knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s TGIF or once-in-a-lifetime, a little bit of bling makes every occasion special. Handcrafted from 24K gold and their signature smooth smoking hemp blend, Shine 24K rolling papers burn slow and leave nothing behind but gold ash and good vibes. Try Shine’s 24K rolling papers, pre-rolled gold cones or woven blunts. And while you’re at it why not pour yourself a Shine 24K Gold Vodka martini. Treat yourself!