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    Product Reviews — Cannador

    Product Review: Cannador Cannabis humidor

    Product Review: Cannador Cannabis humidor

    Today’s weed aficionados can chose from a vast selection of small-batch, organically grown, sun-nourished craft cannabis, offering more nuanced experiences and expressions. With so much effort and attention going into growing high quality flower, it would be a crime to store it in a baggie. Cannador’s elegantly designed, quality-built storage containers are an investment in preserving your fine cannabis safely and with the maximum stickiness. Specified humidity control maintains freshness, flavour and potency. Cannador storage boxes come in a variety of sizes from 2-strains up to 9-strains. Each unit is lined with neutral mahogany to make sure no oils or flavours are imparted on your stash and lock to ensure safety. Several models come with dedicated accessories drawers and all include glass jars with adjustable ventilated lids. For those who like all the tech bells and whistles, add a Bluetooth hygrometer and sync with your smart phone to get alerts and real time feedback on relative humidity (RH) and temperature levels. You’ve bought the best bud; now treat your top-shelf collection with the respect it deserves. 

    USD $149.00-$340.00