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    Heads Lifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    Heads Lifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    HeadsLifestyle's 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    Gift giving is a celebration of the warmth we feel for the people most dear to us. With Heads Lifestyle's Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide, you'll find 23 joyous ideas for everyone on your list: the environmentalist, the bookworm, the foodie, the audiophile, the philanthropist, the cannaphile, and those whimsical souls who appreciate the refined, the fanciful, the exotic and the imaginative. Read on for festive inspiration! 

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    Heads Lifestyle's 2021 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide!

    Heads Lifestyle's 2021 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide!

    Heads Lifestyle's 2021 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide


    Oh by golly! It’s that festive season again! Our handpicked gift ideas will mellow the chaos of holiday shopping and make this the holliest jolliest yuletide yet! Shop with intention—every gift you give can support a charity, champion the planet or spread positivity. And don’t forget to wrap up something for yourself—secret Santa deserves self-care too. 


    Intentionality guide


    Heads Lifestyle: 2021 GG Intentionality Guide









    Jon Ching 2022 Calendar


    Heads Lifestyle: Jon Ching 2022 calendar 

    The most visually breathtaking artwork depicting the natural world we’ve seen! Jon Ching’s paintings transport viewers to an intuitive dimension demonstrating the interconnected relationship of all living creatures. Let the beauty of this calendar move you towards a better future for the planet. Printed on 100% PCW recycled paper with non-petroleum, vegetable-based inks and shipped in recycled packaging, a tree will be planted for every calendar purchased.

    Icons 1  


    USD $24.00

    Jon Ching Art




    The Herbal Goods Signature Box


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG herbalgoods 

    The Herbal Goods Co has transformed rolling your next blunt into a ceremonial art. Slow down, be in the ever present now and enjoy the tactile pleasures of HGC’s pre-rolled natural cones made from wild harvested ebony leaves, natural corn husks and cotton ties. For the cannabis cognoscenti on your list for whom only the singular will do. 

    icons 2



    USD $21.00 for box of 5 pre-rolled cones

    Herbal Goods


    Kôta’s Oriental Poppies & Ouid Pillow


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Kota Supply

    Hella cute and 100% hemp. For the sophisticate of your cannabis circle, this decorative pillow with botanical print will add a touch of whimsy and a wink of rebel to any décor. Gift joy, gift cosy. 



    USD $32.00

    Kota Supply


    Star Wars X DIFF Charitable Eyewear Grogu Sunglasses

     Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Star Wars X DIFF

    Grogu embodies the power of the Force, and DIFF’s collab with Star Wars is channelling that force into positivity. In partnership with Sightsavers, DIFF Charitable Eyewear provides sight-saving treatments and together have helped over 2.3 million people in need. See the world differently with these awe-inspiring Grogu glasses. 

    icons 3



    USD $124.00

    Diff Eyewear


    Shrooms Two-Person Hammock by Parks Project


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Parks Project

    Hammocking is a favourite with heads everywhere—whether camping on a deserted beach, travelling across the country in a van or lounging in a local park. Cosy up with a buddy psychonaut while you swing beyond the bounds of time and space. The Shrooms Two-Person Hammock is breathable, fast drying and easy to set up. It comes with a set of two installation ropes and a stuff sack. Even better, the purchase of this hammock supports the National Parks Conservation Association and their mission to fight for the future of public lands.



    USD $85.00

    Parks Project


    5-LP Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal Box Set

     Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Highway Butterfly

    For the discophiles and discerning listeners on your list. Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal is a tribute to the life and music of the gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and friend to many. Featuring 41 of Neal’s songs on 5 LPs, the collection brings together a galaxy of rock and roots music luminaries to reimagine the body of work he left behind, while celebrating his enduring impact as an artist. 

    The limited edition vinyl box set overflows with collectibles. A portion of the proceeds go to The Neal Casal Music Foundation, a non-profit donating music instruments and lessons to students in New Jersey and New York state schools where Neal was born and raised, as well as making donations to much needed mental health organizations that support musicians in need.



    USD $125.00

    Neal Casal Music Foundation


    Seed Shaker Starter Kit by SFinBloom


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Green Earth Gardeners

    For the rebellious green thumb, the Seed Shaker Starter Kit checks all the boxes—a mix of native wildflower seeds will bloom into a bright and colourful array of flowers and the shaker allows for stealthy planting on-the-go. Spread joy, support beneficial pollinator insects, and reconnect with nature—a gift filled with hope!



    USD $30.00



    Hemp Pioneer Surfboard Bag by Wave Tribe


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Wave Tribe

    Surfing is life! But life can get ugly when your favourite break is drowning in trash. Wave Tribe is making a difference by designing surf gear with eco objectives. Their Hemp Pioneer Surfboard Bags come in a variety of sizes and protect your boards from dings and dents, and sun damage. Made of the highest quality ecological hemp, Wave Tribe’s Surfboard Bags are good for the planet and age well, which means we can all envision a wave of the future that is clean, clear, and plastic free. 



    USD $139.95

    Wave Tribe


    Swim Good Crop Tee & Swim Good High Wasted Brief by Good Studios


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Swim Good

    Heads’ love affair with the ocean goes way back to learning to body surf in the cold Atlantic on summer seaside vacations. How do we protect our salty playgrounds while still enjoying them? Easy—innovate new solutions like these classic swimsuits made from upcycled nylon from salvaged fishing nets. This is the perfect gift for water adventurers and beach loungers alike, who truly care about the future of this blue planet. Not only will you be part of the solution but Good Studios will also plant a native tree with every sale. Look good, be good. 


    Made in Adelaide, Australia

    Fabric from Italy



    USD $138.00 for Swim Good Crop Tee 

    USD $65.00 for Swim Good High Wasted Brief 

    Good Studios


    Relief CBD Suppositories by Foria

     Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Foria Wellness

    We love a good stocking stuffer especially one stuffed full of good stuff that offers relief when you stuff it wherever it hurts most. Relief CBD Suppositories are formulated for relief during painful periods, and can be used vaginally or rectally. Each CBD suppository delivers 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD right where it’s needed most. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Wait there’s more! Foria sources only USDA organic-certified hemp and organic and fair-trade certified cocoa butter. And it gets even better. They use only low-impact, eco-conscious, recyclable packaging with minimal plastic. “That’s fantastic, but what about my lady parts?” you ask. Foria has given her due consideration. Each suppository uses 100% all-natural and organic botanicals, with no fragrances, additives, or synthetic anything—ever! So while the relief envelops your vajayjay, light up a jay and contemplate the wisdom of Mother Nature. 



    USD $50.00 for 8 suppositories, 100mg active CBD each

    Foria Wellness


    Collision Poster by Joan Seed


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Joan Seed

    Limited edition framed Collision Poster is sure to be a conversation started next time the in-laws come over for brunch. A lush bouquet of fresh blooms, greenery and vintage cars collide in a whimsical collage set against a menacing background, leading one to ask: Is this a celebration of the future or a farewell to the past? Ponder the inward significance of this gorgeous print as it adds narrative to any room.  

    icons 5



    USD $110.00 

    Joan Seed


    AMIRI Psychedelic Shirt 


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Amiri

    For the fashionista on your list who only appreciates the overpriced, this botanical-themed shirt is sure to raise eyebrows and dilate pupils. Made in Italy from 100% silk. AMIRI supports nascent designers with their AMIRI Prize, a fashion incubator for undiscovered talent. The prize’s goal is to inspire a sense of possibility, hope, and above all, equal opportunity. Check out Paulo Redeem, this year’s winner. 



     USD $945.00 with free shipping!

    End Clothing



    Haggle Skirt by Paulo Redeem


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Paulo Redeem

    The Haggle Skirt is a 1/1 design created from redeemed black taffeta and vintage moto pants, and ethically made by BIPOC in Philadelphia. Freedom, young people, and design justice inspire each Paulo Redeem design. Founder & creative director Naaamerley L. Badger was awarded the 2021 AMIRI Prize. Using redeemed (upcycled) materials, each singular garment is a personalized, slow fashion buying experience that supports Black futures and chips away at the environmental waste created by fast fashion. Haggle your way to a better world in style!



    USD $555.00

    Paulo Redeem


    Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream & Treats


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Emack & Bolios

    For that munchies bud, you know the one, who declares during late night smoke sessions, “I’m so hungry, man!” launching a cannabis-fuelled journey to satisfy that want. Well, head over to Emack & Bolio’s for some mind-expanding ice cream. With flavours like Stoney’s Dream, Trippin on Espresso and Space Cake, it was only a matter of time before they launched a cannabis-infused ice cream. While we await the arrival of their elevated products, satisfy your munchies with E&B’s frozen treats and outrageous cones. They’ve got super premium ice cream, small batch vegan ice cream and live cultured yogurt. Gift certificates available or make an ice cream date with your munchies bud and enjoy the experience together. 




    Emack and Bolios


    Canna Cruisers by Satori Movement X Talking Trees


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Satori Movement

    Leave it to Satori Movement and Talking Trees to come up with skateboard wheels made from hemp oil. Eat it! Wear it! Roll with it! Since 1998, Satori Movement has brought a positive and sustainable perspective to skateboarding. The future is hemp!



    USD $45.00

    Satori Movement


    City Bonfires + S’mores kit


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: City Bonfires

    What did two dads do when the pandemic hit and their worlds fell apart? Burn it to the ground—literally. But in a safe and fun way. They invented City Bonfires, a portable, reusable mini bonfire. Each City Bonfires is handmade with recyclable steel tins, nontoxic soy wax and eco-friendly, all natural biodegradable briquettes. Stoke up the fun with a gooey s’mores kit. Life is best spent making memories with family and friends. 


    Handmade in Maryland with American-made materials 



    USD $27.95 

    City Bonfires


    DIY Traveler Series Kit by Coexist 


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Coexist

    For grownup fans of Lincoln Logs or Lego bricks, the DIY Traveler Series Kit comes with all the pieces you need to build a nifty cottage—one that shelters you and your dreams. Made from hempcrete, hemp-lime insulation and wood sourced from FSC sustainable forests, the DIY Traveler Series Kit causes no allergies or off-gassing and can be composted, recycled, or re-assembled. Designed with a holistic approach to mind and body, the possibilities are limitless—a guesthouse, a cabin retreat, a yoga and meditation space, a backyard office or an arts or music studio. 



    The kit starts at USD $26,900 



    Three Tea Bundle by Barbari


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Barbari

    The Three Tea Bundle of hemp-infused teas is a perfectly elegant way to elevate your next mad tea party. Developed with intention, each serving is wrapped in a 100% certified biodegradable and organic, GMO-free, bio-based tea sachet. The paper tube that contains each tea set is non-laminated and fully recyclable. Take a beat to brew some brilliance and recalibrate with Barbari’s full spectrum cannabinoids, adaptogens, and flavours. 


    Bundle includes:

    Bright Idea: a brilliant way to jumpstart your brain with the winning combo of jasmine green tea, lemon and white ginseng. 

    Self Centered: sail into a Zen state on a wave of hibiscus, lemon balm, and chamomile.

    Wake-up Call: kickstart your day with muddy chai, lion’s mane and chicory root 



    USD $84.00

    Barbari Shop


    Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Weed Book

    One of our favourite festive traditions is jolabokaflod, the Icelandic custom of exchanging books on Christmas Eve. Just in time for this year’s holidays is Weed: A Connoisseur's Guide to Cannabis, a loving homage to the beautiful bud. Join author Ellen Holland on a cannabis journey to better appreciate cultivars, their flavours and effects, and how you can use cannabis in unexpected ways in food, floral displays, cocktails, and as a wellness practice. Foreword by Iron Chef Cat Cora—how cool is that?!



    USD $40.00

    Quarto Knows


    WoodVenture Mushroom Lamp


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Wood Venture

    Offer a little décor magic. This cute mushroom lamp has special powers—it changes from cosy ambient to a full rainbow of different colours. Made from renewable and natural materials, this smart fungi lamp offers cable-free illumination for up to 8 hours and can easily be recharged with a USB cable. Plus WoodVenture will plant a tree with every order in partnership with Illuminating!



    USD $120.00

    Wood Venture


    Benson Flannel Shirt by Tentree


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Tentree

    We love trees. We love flannel. We’re Canadian, eh? So is Tentree, who pledge to plant ten trees with each and every item you purchase. Their earth-first commitment means their products are made with the smallest environmental footprint using sustainable materials in ethical factories with fair and safe working conditions. Simple, right? Like this classic midweight flannel shirt. 


    85% Organic Cotton, 15% Hemp

    Designed in Canada, ethically made in China



    USD $70.00





    Blueland Cleaning Companions


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Blueland

    A great stocking stuffer and a gentle nudge towards a kinder and cleaner planet—less plastic, fewer chemicals, cruelty-free. The Cleaning Companions trio includes the Cloud Cloth (ultra-absorbent, strong & reusable), the Pop-Up Sponge (cellulose sponge) and the Scrub Sponge (dual-action loofah scrubber & absorbent cellulose sponge). These hardworking cleaning products are compostable when they eventually wear out. Blueland makes an eco lifestyle easy, convenient and affordable.



    USD $14.00 





    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Solar Buddy

    Help illuminate the lives of children living in energy poverty. SolarBuddy is an Australian charity providing safe and reliable solar lights to children who live in remote off-grid communities. Their innovative design solutions help to create a more sustainable world with positive impacts on health and wellbeing, economic stability, educational outcomes and the environment. This holiday, do your part to end energy poverty, help those in need, and save the planet—all wrapped up in this enlightened gift. 



    From USD $80.00 (gift of 2 solar lights) to $479.00 (12 solar lights)





    Portal Patch Limited Edition Box Set + Screen Print by MARS-1 x Fluorescent Smogg


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Mars-1

    For the dreamer, meditator or psychonaut on your list, the Portal Patch Limited Edition Box Set housed in a bespoke oak box plus Mysterium: blue special edition screenprint are more than a tactilely and visually stunning artwork, they are a jumping off point for dreams, focused contemplation of the mysteries of the universe or psychedelic voyages. Hand finished, numbered and authenticated by painter Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) and in collaboration with world-renowned Portuguese ceramicist Viúva Lamego. 



    USD $2,225.00



    Waffleye Waffle Maker

     Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Waffleye

    For the budding chef on your list, the Waffley waffle maker will inspire and delight. This may indeed be the dopest way to cook waffles. Get creative, treat friends and family to a visually stunning brunch, and feel good knowing that a portion of each sale goes to the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center, the hospital where Waffley founder received treatment and beat cancer. Now that’s food for thought!



    USD $40.00



    Terpenes Infographic Print by Goldleaf


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Gold Leaf

    For the high-minded scientist on your list, the Terpenes Infographic Print will not only help interpret the world of cannabis terpenes but do so with visual pizzazz. The infographic depicts the flavours and effects associated with eleven primary terpenes. Printed on thick, uncoated archival paper stock using an ultra-high-quality press for incredible colours and resolution.   


    24” x 36” with walnut hanging rails



    USD $89.00



    Dog Coat by Upcycle It Now


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Upcycle It Now

    What’s the best way to keep textiles out of the trash dump? Upcycle them! And that is exactly what this mother-daughter duo do by turning materials destined for landfill into beautiful and functional products. This plaid wool dog coat is made from pre-consumer waste (sourced from Patagonia) and is sure to please your very best friend. 



    USD $55.00

    Upcycle it Now


    Cannivore Hemp Organic Basic Tee


    Heads Lifestyle 2021 GG: Cannivore Tee

    Still don’t know what to get that stoner on your gift list? Easy! Head over to our shop and pick up their new favourite tee. The ultra soft Cannivore Hemp Organic Basic Tee looks as good as it feels. Made in the U.S.A. from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton, and certified GOTS, you’re respecting the planet and every soul on it. Shipped in upcycled yarn cones, we'll even throw in some hemp socks and awesome stickers to add to the festivities.



    USD $32.00

    Heads Lifestyle


    Product Review - Night & Day Bundle by Kind Lab

    Product Review - Night & Day Bundle by Kind Lab

    Kind Lab brings feminine wisdom to the cannabis space. Made by women for women, Kind Lab has formulated their plant-based solutions to meet the specific needs of the female experience. Their organic CBD-rich hemp products balance mind and body allowing women at all stages of their lives to thrive. Their Night & Day Bundle combines two of their most popular products and targets the night-time and daytime challenges faced by women. Rest Chews gently calm the mind and relax the body so that sleep comes easily and nights are restful. Blueberry-lavender flavoured Rest Chews are vegan and packed with 20mg CBD, 2mg CBN and magnesium glycinate. After a good night’s sleep, embrace the day with focus and clarity thanks to Lift Capsules. These vegan capsules are formulated with 10mg CBD, 10mg CBG, saffron, rhodiola and Siberian ginseng, lifting mood and energizing body. Connecting to the healing properties of plants is both ancient and powerful—knowledge that women have shared for millennia.


    USD $94.00

    Product Review: Barbari Herbal Smoking Blends

    Product Review: Barbari Herbal Smoking Blends

    Barbari’s herbal smoking blends are an enchanting alchemy of ancient plant wisdom and modern cannabis consumption. Offering three carefully crafted herbal blends, Barbari has truly blossomed into their niche market. Whether you are a health-minded toker or simply new to herbal traditions, Barbari will gently guide you to an inspired smoking experience. 


    Barbari’s three herbal smoking blends:

    Airplane Mode combines rose petals, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender and sage, and is a relaxing blend that melts away anxiety and calms the senses. Enjoy the floral aromatics as you ease into a serene state-of-mind.

    Muse combines peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf and sage, and is an uplifting blend that stimulates mental clarity and new perspectives. Savour the minty freshness as it elevates your spirit. 

    Car Sex combines mullein, white sage, lion’s tail and raspberry leaf, and is a euphoric blend that promotes risqué reveries and rowdier nights. Surrender to adventure as it heightens your mood. 


    Heads Lifestyle: Barbari Product Review 

    All of Barbari’s blends are made with organic, food grade herbs and their white sage is sustainably farmed thereby respecting Native communities’ wild plants. As a social equity minded company, Barbari is committed to supporting humanity through the efforts of groups and organizations that work towards community healing and rebuilding, and pledge 5% of all purchases to these shared values.


    Barbari’s herbal smoking blends can also be sipped as a soothing tea or added to your bathtime ritual. Barbari’s thoughtful product line is perfect for self-care or gifting to someone special.


    USD $23.00