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    Music — Ripley Johnson

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    Heads Lifestyle's 2021 Mixtape!

    Heads Lifestyle's 2021 Mixtape!

    A compilation of our favourite tracks from our guest-curated playlists


    Beats and buds. Tunes and terpenes. Melodies and mezz. Riffs and reefer. Music and cannabis meld into the perfect pairing—uplifting each other to sublime heights. And what an exceptional year of musical offerings! To celebrate all the great artists we’ve had the pleasure of discovering over the course of 2021, Heads’ music editor has hand-picked some of our favourite tracks from the guest-curated playlists featured on our Spotify channel and new albums we reviewed, and compiled them into the Heads Lifestyle’s 2021 Mixtape. Thank you to the Heads Lifestyle community including Steven Bernstein, Chef Sebastian Carosi, Rippley Johnson of Rose City Band, Howlin Rain’s Ethan Miller, Jeffrey Silverstein, Silver Synthetic, Jason P. Woodbury and all those who inspired us.


    Get yourself good and blazed and enjoy!

    Following a Trailblazer

    Following a Trailblazer

    Rose City Band's Ripley Johnson let's us in on his Earth Trip

    Rose City Band’s third release, Earth Trip, is an ode to the fundamental need for human connection and undeniable interdependence with the natural world. In his signature country cosmic jam style, frontman Ripley Johnson took all the love, pain, fear and joy of the last year and poured it into a cathartic reckoning.

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