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    Ghetto Tech — Pipe

    Ghetto Tech: Skull Bong!

    Ghetto Tech: Skull Bong!

    It'll blow your mind!


    Fiendish behaviour is not only expected at Halloween, it’s a cornerstone of the festivities. That makes it the perfect time to get completely stoned AF. If you plan on holding a smoking séance, you’ll want to be toking out of something a little more on-trend than that rainbow-coloured pipe you scored at the local thrift shop.  


    All the cheap little do-dads and decorations you can find at the dollar store make great bong parts. Ensure your next smoke session is as spooky as possible with the help of this skull bong. It’s cheap to make, fun to use and it doesn’t matter if it gets lost or stolen while you roam the streets acting like a complete fool; you paid next to nothing for it! Read on as the Heads Ghetto Tech goes ghoulish!



    What you’ll need:

    A plastic skull

    Black electrical tape



    Plastic tube




    NOTE: Make sure the skull you buy is hollow and completely sealed, i.e., totally airtight. Otherwise, the only smoke you’ll be inhaling is the stuff coming off the candles. If it has a hole already in it (so you can hang it up or something) you can use that as the choke/shotgun or even as one of the holes in step 1 or 2, depending on where it’s located. If it’s in an inconvenient spot, you might just want to tape it up good so it’s a perfect seal. 


    Step by step:

     Heads Lifestyle: Ghetto Tech Skull Bong 1

    Step 1: Stab a hole the size of your bowl/stem into the skull. Don’t go crazy; if the hole’s too big for your bowl/stem, you’re fucked and will need a new skull. Slide your bowl into the hole.



    Heads Lifestyle: Ghetto Tech Skull Bong 2

    Step 2: Stab another hole for your mouthpiece, again making sure the hole is just right. Slide the plastic tube (available at most home improvement shops) into the hole. (Now’s the time to make a shotgun hole if you want one, or seal up the existing one.)



    Heads Lifestyle: Ghetto Tech Skull Bong 3

    Step 3: Place weed into your bowl.



    Heads Lifestyle: Ghetto Tech Skull Bong 14

    Step 4: Light it up and toke hard.


    Now that you've built the most ghoulish of bongs, time to costume up and share a toke with friends living and dead. Alas, poor Yorick!