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    HeadStash: Curious Jorge!

    HeadStash: Curious Jorge!

    “Yess, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!” Curious Jorge 7 is a fruity hybrid of Banana Kush crossed with Loud Sour, and when it flowers expect an irrepressible smell of Banana candy. There’s good reason your local dispensary has no Curious Jorge today—CJ7 is Phresh Cannabis’ most highly requested strain, selling out as quickly as they can produce. With scent notes of banana and sour tropical fruit, once cured CJ7 settles into its distinctive sweet berry flavour. Boasting up to 30% THC and dominant terpenes of limonene, myrcene and nerolidol, Curious Jorge produces a euphoric, calming, and relaxing high. It’s an ideal daytime smoke without heavy sedation. It has also been reported to act as a very effective antiemetic for cancer patients undergoing treatment. CJ7 matures into dense sticky nuggets with a generous frosting of trichomes. Indeed, Curious Jorge is so wildly popular, next time your budtender restocks, make like an apeman and get some quick!

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